Test-Driven Design

In software development, there is a programming technique called Test-driven development, which requires developers to write actual code and automated test code simultaneously. This ensures that programmers test their code quickly, frequently and easily. This can also apply to design area as designers launch as many user testing as they can during their designing.

Test-driven design is a great excuse to think about the problem before we think about the solution. The final design has no value unless we can prove that it solves the right problem and works as expected. User testing is an iterative process and works as an alerting system to remind of mistakes. Each iteration produces design necessary to pass that iterations’s test. Contrasting this piecemeal improvement with how usability testing has traditionally been done—at the end of a project— this allows for unprecedented flexibility and, indeed, usability of the final product.

Besides, I find this interesting picture. In this user testing, most people can find the “Publish” link – good news! This shows that the layout is working.


Eyebrow detection on layout


source:  Usability Testing: Don’t Guess, Test.


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