Stories about Ration Button

This week I read “Chapter 36: Case Study: One-or-More Button” from “Tog on Interface”. I really agree with one of the sentence that “face your own denials and rationalization” and “get honest with yourself”, even if it probably takes a long time. From my own experience, when I was responsible for Front-end development of a website, sometime I could feel that there was something weird in my design, but I just did not know where it was, pretended everything was fine and let it go.

This time, I really need to ask a favor of peer design review. “To infuse fresh ideas and explode false assumptions that may have crept into your design.” And from this week’s paper prototyping class, I also learned the same thing when classmates from the other group came to test our prototype. There should be so many things we needed to modify, even if we though it could not be much better previously.

Besides, after reading this paper, I also read a post “Radio Buttons: Select One by Default or Leave All Unselected?” from Nielson Norman Group website. I never thought that such a little ration button should have a lot of implications and function. This post is really informative and full of examples.

1. If you decide to design your ration button with “Select one button by default”, you’d better also decide on which one is the default button based on organization’ goal and users’ typical behavior. Because “the default ratio selection can assist the person, and sway a person in the direction in which the organization wants him to go”.


Ration button with default selection

(Picture from the post)



No default ration button


(Picture from the post)

2. Also default selection has its own disadvantage that it might be confusing and unexpected, and cause people to feel OUT OF CONTROL.(Why do you force me to choose on something I dislike!!)


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