Secrets of Homepage

In this week’s reading, it is related to Web design, specifically the Home Page Design. This Chapter give out a lot of suggestions on designing a single web page.

1. Your homepage is the Initial impression of your website. It is understandable that people want to display enough info/pictures on the homepage to attract their reader, so that they cram too much things on the homepage and overwhelm their reader with such huge volume of info. So it is time to make compromise and make a priority list on things that should be displayed. This helps to “convey a big picture” and make reader catch the key info/function of this website.

2. Check your website with The four questions. 1. “What is this?”; 2.”What can I do here?”; 3.”What do they have here?”; 4.”Why should I be here and not somewhere else?” From my personal experience, when I browse a website homepage, if I form wrong ideas about what things are and how they work at the first impression, it is likely that I will keep use such first “knowledge” to interpret everything I continue to see. Therefore, it is important to make your homepage more predictable and facilitate them forming a correct image of your website.


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