Rewrite and revise — from bad to good

This week I read “Why good design comes from bad design“, a very good article full of practical suggestions.

At the beginning, I was confused by its title until I realized that it taught us to make a list of our drafts and embrace our awful original versions. It is not uncommon that when people design something, they usually have high expectation and want to make their first draft as perfect as possible, even if they do not have a clear idea of the prototype.

Successful designer will not spend too much time just thinking about the best one, instead they document all their bad ideas which reveals problems early, and then help the designer focus on the essential qualities and make continuous improvement. This method is not only useful for producing progressing products continuously for each software development life cycle, but also make the designer’s idea more convincible and recognizable as designer can explain pros and cons of each discarded ideas.

I think this methodology is really familiar to most people when they make a decision on their preference. “Although currently I am not sure what I really want, I definitely know what I really do not want. When I exclude those less-preferred choices, the left will probably be my most preferred one”.


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