On label-following && some thoughts on GitHub project

When I read “Usability Inspection Methods”, I realized the importance of knowing how the user would describe the task. Only if the instruction and feedback should be in the user’s vocabulary, users can pick the correct actions.  I remembered last time I did usability test of Carle on my volunteer, the task was indeed really easy (because I found it easy when I did it on my own) but she just did not understand. After the test, I showed her what I really meant for my task and then she rephrased my task instruction in a different way.

Besides, I connected it to my Assignment 4 “GitHub project”. During the lecture, Professor also mentioned that GitHub was some unfriendly to new users and learning curve was demanding. This means if I use cognitive walkthrough method on a new GitHub user for usability test, it probably leads to unsatisfied usability testing result. Because cognitive walkthrough is based on a theory of learning by exploration, new user probably takes long time to finish a task with incorrect result. Another point, I know that unless a user will use GitHub very often, it is very likely that user will forget how to use it quickly


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