About Onmyoj

shareI spent a long time to do much research and interviews to prepare for this blog.

Last week, I happened to play a mobile game made by NTES called Onmyoj. First I have to say I will rank it to top 1 best game among ALL games I have tried, and I DO want to praise that NTES has developed such wonderful and satisfactory game after long time effort.

1.The idea is not new but the storytelling is really great. Every user is an Onmyoj in the game and there are four roles that user can switch. Although the background story is not finished yet, the current version (18 chapter in total currently) is intriguing and reasonable. Every chapter will introduce some new characters and when user successfully make through the chapter story, they can have better understanding of different characters and decide whether he/she wants to put more effort on this character.

2.The characters in Onmyoj are drawn carefully and beautifully. For example, the clothes that characters wear are reasonable and delicate. If you have interest in the character’s clothes and dig deeper, you will find there are a lot of interesting details and more background knowledge you can notice and learn a lot. Besides the clothes and character modeling, most of players reported that they really enjoy the characters’ voice. Chance are that you will be surprised by the fact that two totally different character voice are made by the same voice actor!


When you try a thing for a period of time, it is easy to become particular about it.

  1. This game makes you spend a lot of time on it. Even it just requires you to finish daily task, it still requires at least half an hour to make it.
  2. It almost always make you angry about the rewards you get from the game!

I have to say, this game really test your character:

  1. How do you balance yourself from work and game?
  2. How do you balance yourself when you do not gain you favorite character?
  3. How do