This is my personal UX workshop.

In 2016, I came to iSchool of UIUC to pursue my Master Degree in Information Management. I am really proud that I have chose  the course “Interface to Info System” taught by Prof. Michael Twidale. From this class, I have had a new and better understanding about UX  and accumulated rich hands-on experience on how to launch, analyze and design a comprehensive user study. Before this class, I thought UX was only about drawing pictures and building 3D model. But this class showed me a new world about UX. It is not only about making visual pictures, but also including human factors into design and make products more user-friendly and focus on human side.

For example, when I designed scenarios of user study, for different types of users, I modify task descriptions and carefully observe my users’ reactions and expression when he/she working on tasks. Also, many professionals were in this field invited to this class to give lectures/speech or participate in curricular activities to offer real-time suggestions and guidance step by step.

I have to say that I feel really enjoyable and excited to set my foot in UX field and hope to further my career in UX.

In this blog,  I leave my ideas, thoughts and projects about UX and I will treat this like my footprint to professional UX designer.


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